The stones I use are both faceted and cabs. Being a computer person, I have all these inputted into a database so that I can look at them as colours on a palate instead of how much each costs. This frees me to do more as an artist. I have been using silver for the primary metal in my creations, but have begun to explore more with copper and brass. The different textures and metal behaviors is some of the fun that one experiences with my work.

Education from the Gemological Institute of America has opened my mind to how gems are formed, marketed, and the best usage of them. The differences of natural and synthetic stones are fascinating to the scientist in me, as the geology and industry bring different costs and features.

Professional History:
I am a consultant /design architect for the 4th largest software company. I work with companies to help enable them to become more compliant with regulations such as Sarbanes-Oxley, FISMA, HIPAA, GLBA, NIST and others. This allows me to travel both nationally and internationally for my work. In simple terms - I am a geek.

Gemological Institute of America
· Graduate Colored Stones Diploma Program
· Accredited Jewelry Professional
San Jacinto College, Houston, TX
San Antonio College, San Antonio, TX
University of Maryland
· Art Major

Professional Memberships:
ISACA- Certified Information Security Auditor
Certified Information Systems Security Professional
Gemological Institute of America Alumni
San Juan County Gem and Mineral Society

Store Affiliations:
Feat of Clay 107 S. Main St. Aztec, NM (President)

Three Rivers Women's Collective (Board Member)

Art History:

I have always been interested in art. I have explored oil painting, acrylic, sand painting and other media, and will dabble in them again. As a teenager, my uncle came down from Provo, Utah and showed me the basics of Navajo style silver-smithing. It was not until 2000 that I seriously got back into it and realized that silver and metal is the media that allows me to get the ideas in my head out in a form that is right for me. I joined the Houston, TX Gem and Mineral Society, and took a basic jewelry bench class. Since moving back home to Aztec, NM in 2004, I have been able to expand my education at Rio Grande classes, Harold O'Conner class at Ah Haa in Telluride, CO, and many DVD classes. I am a veracious reader and have more jewelry books in my personal library than most book stores.

Artist's Statement