Chain Bracelets

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Square Knot Bracelet
LOU-04-1105 Lady's wrist
2 loops of twist wire combine into a square knot. Simple but very elegant bracelet. Can custom order other sizes
Price: $52.00
Lover's Square Knot Bracelet
LOU-04-1107 Lady's wrist
With one side twist wire, one side smooth round wire combined for the lover's square knot. Symbology of 2 people uniting to make one. Can custom make for other wrist sizes. Excellent engagement or wedding presents for the couple.
Price: $54.00
Silver Leaves and Flowers on the Vines Bracelet
LOU-08-3932 Large
Handmade hammered leaves on the silver vines encircle the wrist with this bracelet. Silver flowers show between the leaves.

Green Turquoise with
Large Bead Bracelet
LOU-05-0852 8 1/2"
This 2 strand green turquoise bracelet has a large donut holed center bead complimented with silver beads.
See necklace No. LOU-05-1476 to complement this bracelet.
Price $42.00

Unique Designs

Copper Stamped Celtic Knotwork Bracelet
LOU-07-3083 6" x 1 3/8"
Celtic knotwork with stamping for texture and shading grade this copper bracelet.




Silver rolled Cuff
6" x 15/16"
Texturing created by rolling mill.
Price: $164.00

Silver Rolled Bracelet
6" x 5/8"
Texturing created by rolling mill
Price: $108.00