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Tiger Eye
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Rainbow 4-in-1 Chain Silver and Niobium Necklace
LOU-07-1186 19"
The 5mm links of the niobium rainbow colors of bronze, yellow, green, teal, pink, purple alternate in the silver rings of this stunning necklace.
See matching bracelet LOU-07-1195 on Chain Bracelet page.
Price: $176.00

Silver 4-in-1 5 mm ring chain mail Necklace
LOU-07-1288 21 3/8"
725 5mm silver circles make up this 4-in-1 chain maille necklace.
Price: $286.00

Byzantine 14gu Silver Hand Fabricated Chain
LOU-06-0250 26"
The Byzantine weave is also known as birdcage, idiot box, fool's dilemma and many other names. There are over three hundred fifty 14 gauge rings that were shaped, hand cut, woven in this beautiful necklace.
Price: $635.00
Silver Link and Loop Chain Necklace
LOU-07-1296 30"
Crazy links combine with loops to make this 30" one of a kind silver chain necklace.
Price: $72.00