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Chakra Byzantine Chain Bracelet Niobium and Silver
LOU-07-1190 7 15/16"
Silver 5mm links encase the niobium links tht have the chakra colors. the 5mm links of niobium colors of bronze, yellow, green, teal, pink, and purple.
Price: $105.00
Rainbow Niobium and Silver Byzantine Bracelet
LOU-07-1194 7 1/2"
Silver byzantine chain with the rainbow colored niobium  links in the center of the chain. The rainbow colors are bronze, yellow, green, teal, pink, purple. The links are 5mm.
Price: $104.00
Hand Fabricated Silver Chain Bracelet
LOU-07-1297 8"
Silver handmade chain with large links and handmade clasp. It could be used as the base for hanging charms, or is very fun on its own.
Price: $38.00
Box Silver Chain Bracelet with Alternating Twist Wire and Plain Wire
LOU-07-1281 8"
Silver box chain has twist wire and smooth links that are 6.9mm, making a very fetching bracelet. It will stay savely on your wrist with the lobster claw clasp.
Price: $151.00
Hand Fabricated 9" Twisted Rope Chain Silver Bracelet
LOU-06-0256 9"
The Rope Chain holds its twist. There are over seventy 14 gauge rings that were shaped, hand-cut, woven in this beautiful bracelet.
Price: $143.00
Byzantine Antique Copper 6mm Ring Bracelet
LOU-07-1305 7 to 8"
Antique Copper 6mm rings make up the byzantine bracelet.
Price: $25.00

Silver 4 in 1 Chain Mail Bracelet
7 wide
LOU-07-1170 7 3/4"
5mm silver rings make this 4-in-1 chainmail. It feels like fairy-mail.
Price: $154.00

Blue Niobium and Silver
4 in 1 Chain Mail Bracelet
LOU-07-1181 7 3/4"
Blue niobium and silver 5mm links make this striking chain mail bracelet.
Price: $148.00
Pink Niobium and Silver 4 in 1 Chain Mail Bracelet with Heart Clasp
LOU-07-1184 9"
Romantic bracelet with silver and pink niobium links in the 4-in-1 chain mail pattern. Heart shape clasp. The links aree 5mm.
Price: $96.00
Rainbow Niobium and Silver 4 in 1 chain mail Bracelet
LOU-07-1195 8"
This dainty 4-in-1 chain mail bracelet has rainbow colors of niobium in the center with silver links on the ouside. The 5mm links are small but elegant. It goes very well with the necklace
if you desire the set.
See on Chain Necklace page.
Price: $78.00