Onyx 5 large Silver Bead Necklace
LOU-04-2246 18 1/2"
Short suit necklaces were what I had in mind when I designed this choker. It goes extremely well with a black or white blouse. The necklace has 8mm granulated silver beads, with 4mm, 8mm round Howlite, and Howlite and Onyx oval beads.
Price $72.00

Mixed Green Pearls Opera Length Necklace
LOU-04-2250 36"
This mixed green pearl necklace is an elegant opera length. Simple, and very tranquil.
Price: $30.50
Green Mixed Pearl Necklace
LOU-04-2201 18"
This pearl necklace has dark green and light green pearls complimenting the white pearl. This makes a lovely necklace for a teen age girl as pearls symbolize innocence and purity.
Price: $27.00
Large Ocean Jasper and Amber Necklace
LOU-05-1636 26"
Large ocean jasper beads 35x25mm are connected with amber and smaller ocean jasper. This is not the necklace for the meek. The energy is one of strength and history. Don't wear without grounding first.
Price: $97.00

Honey Amber & Jet with Snowflake Obsidian Bear Necklace and Earring Set

LOU-05-1688 21 1/2"
Shaman power in the amber and jet. Add the fire from snowflake obsidian and the bear fetishes, and you have a very powerful necklace. Earrings on French wire.
Price: $146.00
Coral, Onyx, Snowflake Obsidian Choker
LOU-04-0759 16"
6mm round coral beads surround the 8mm round snowflake obsidian and are complimented with onyx ovals and silver. This necklace is a definite "Power Tie" for the female suits. It would also work for a striking male choker.
Price: $38.00

Green Hand Blown Glass Bead with Malachite Necklace

LOU-05-2262 17"
The beautiful green hand blown center bead has gold and pinkrose accents. It is strung with pearls, pink tourmaline, rose quartz, and green malachite complimenting beads.
Price: $73.00

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Light Green and White Pearl with Aquamarine Necklace
LOU-04-2259 21"
Very dainty necklace of green and white pearls, and aquamarine. It reminds me of ice. One of a kind. Simple, yet very elegant. Aquamarine is said to promote safe travel on water, release anxiety, fear and restlessness.
Price: $42.00

Hematite Necklace
LOU-04-2204 17 3/4"
Hematite is an excellent grounding stone. When feeling like you are losing control, these are excellent stones to wear. This necklace is classical, so you could also wear it with a suit. The Hematite round beads range from 8mm to 12mm.
Price: $24.50
Fluorite and Silver Choker
LOU-06-0172 17 15/16"
The green and purple fluorite 12mm six sided beads are patterned with silver donut beads. Fluorite has been associated with psychic abilities.
Price: $132.00
Hematite White Howlite Necklace
LOU-04-2208 19"
Study of white, gray of the howlite mixed with the grounding quality of the shiny hematite. This is good for either sex.
Price: $48.00
White Pearl with Aquamarine Necklace
LOU-04-2210 22 1/2"
Stunning silver beads with aquamarine and pearl necklace. Ice and elegance is what I see with this. Aquamarine is said to said to create a peaceful stillness like the flow of a forest stream. Add elegance of pearls and silver and you have a great necklace.
Price: $61.00

Silver, Pearl, Quartz, Garnet and More Necklace
LOU-04-2234 28"
This long necklace has turquoise, moonstone, pearls, amethyst, silver beads and much more. One of a kind.
Price: $96.00

Beads p. 2

Onyx and Coral Necklace
LOU-06-0204 18"
Classiness for the business suit -
 this coral and onyx and silver choker would also look good with casual wear. Black and red are power colors.
Price $69.00
Peridot, Onyx and Yellow Cubic Zirconia Centered Silver Lily necklace
LOU-06-2157 19"
The 3/4" hand fabricated silver lily has a 6mm yellow cubic zirconia center. It is strung on black onyx and peridot.
Price $151.00
Amethyst, Quartz and Silver with Purple Cubic Zirconia Silver Lily Necklace
LOU-06-2142 19"
The 3/4" hand fabricated silver lily has a 6mm purple cubic zirconia set in it. This is strung on 5mm dark lollipop shaped Amethyst beads interspersed with silver and clear quartz accents.
Price $140.00